THS College Courses

Nayerli Carbajal , Junior Staff Writer

At Turlock High School, all sorts of opportunities are offered to students to ensure that they have a start on their college career, by receiving help from counselors, teachers and one’s own determination, a student can go out into the real world feeling well prepared. Currently, an opportunity offered at Turlock High School are college courses, there are various benefits to taking a course. The most important being, a head start on mandatory classes one would have to take in college, the only difference being that these courses are tuition-free. On our campus, the courses offered are a Public Speaking class (COMM 100) and U.S History (HIST 101), with other courses offered at Pitman, and Denair High School. This is an offer a student should not pass by and should consider while in highschool. 

These courses have been offered to students for almost two years now, and to get an update on the courses being offered, make sure to pass by the Career Center. As many more could be at one’s disposal soon! One could look forward to a college-level transferable math course, which has been canceled the last two semesters due to the lack of student interest in such course, which is a shame, seeing as the in taking a math course during highschool could be super beneficial, as said by Ms. Frietas, “Opting to take a college-level math course while still in high school would allow them to complete their general education math requirement, which can be challenging once at a community college since a student will have to compete for a seat with the general public.” Basically, now is the best time to be taking a college-level math course, all that is needed is enough interest. 

These courses are available thanks to Modesto Junior College’s Dual Enrollment program and the many school staff members working alongside them to provide students with valuable college courses, to give them a head start on their college education, so take some time to look into it, and get prepared for the real world, today!