THS Has the First Rally of the Season

September 9, 2019

Rallies have been going on for over 100 years at Turlock High. Today’s rallies are filled with all types of crazy and fun entertainment: from funny skit parodies to challenging games where freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can participate and compete. Turlock High rallies are hosted by ASB and created by Ms. Collum. Since freshmen are new to Turlock High and all of our school’s activities, they still aren’t as festive as the rest of the classes, but once they start getting comfortable they will finally be as loud as all the other grades.

In an interview with the Turlock High clarion, Ms. Collum gave a little more information about our school rallies. According to Ms. Collum, “It takes a lot of rehearsing before the actual rally. We always rehearse the entire rally before. Usually the evening before, a typical rehearsal takes about four hours.” When asked about the freshman losing streak she replied she responded with, “ I think freshmen are shy and not as loud and spirited because they are new. ASB is really committed to making sure all the competitions are judged fairly so all classes have equal opportunity to win! We will be keeping track this year and using the Spirit Trophy to forever remember the winning class!̈” Turlock High is looking forward to attending and participating in many more wacky and vivacious rallies. Cannot wait to see what Ms. Collum has in store for the next rallies!

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