Applying for Jobs in High School

Ben Carroll, Sports Editor

Most kids rely on their parents to get them through High School and pay for their necessities, so when they go out into the real world it can be a struggle to make a living on their own. They will soon come to realize that they should have begun the work process while still in High School.

Applying for jobs is the hardest step in working towards one’s goal of finally earning some hard-fought cash. It requires strong speaking skills, quick reactions, and persistency. The manager will ask a series of questions during an interview, and it is your job to answer those confidently and with literacy. This will also be helpful in the classroom because most classes have presentations where all eyes will be on the presenter. A job interview can be the most nerve-racking experience for some people and this may help someone conquer their fear.

Often times the first job applied to will end in rejection. Some might quit and think this was their only shot, but others will get back up and give it another shot. 

In this generation, children are accustomed to getting what they want and receive little criticism from their parents. This is different during a job because the manager will be watching every move and will make sure everything is done with perfection. The employee must be resilient and continue to work hard each day.

Lastly, the importance of earning money from independent hard work instead of asking parents for money will be beneficial in the future. When leaving for college, there are bills to pay and having prior job experience will make it much easier to pay for rent, a car, gas, clothes, school, and much more. Start applying for jobs in High School and saving money because the future is closer than it appears.