THS Link Crew

September 9, 2019

Link Crew was brought to THS three years ago by Jennifer Cullum, the cheerleading coach, and choreography teacher. The program was designed to make the process of transitioning from middle school to high school easier on freshman since it can be very nerve-racking, especially when entering such a large campus like Turlock High. Before the school year begins, the incoming freshmen meet with a group of seniors and juniors who signed up to be leaders before the school year ended last year, which ended up being 160 students. Once in the program 12-15 freshmen are put into a “crew” with 2-4 leaders where they get to know one another, tour the campus and the leaders share their own wisdom of high school so far. There have been big changes this year to scheduling so that the crews can meet face to face on Wednesdays before big events. They also created a committee of current leaders and students who have been in link crew for all three years to give feedback. So far, it has been a huge success and they’re hoping to continue the tradition, growing each year.

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