A Case of Allowing Music in Class

Hayley Harden, Junior Staff Writer

Ever had that moment where everyone is on their own on an assignment and you are stressed to the point where it’s hard for you to focus? Music has been said to be a major stress reliever that can help with your ability to learn. Journalist Dr. Masha Godkin states,“ Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory.” 

Some may argue students will get off task and misbehave if allowed to listen to music in class; however, conducting an interview with Mr. Tribble from Turlock High School, his response on the matter was, “They might not always like school but if they associate it with something fun for instance, music they may like learning more and activities associated with learning.”  Music cannot be played all through class but during the essays or maybe even tests when it’s just everyone working on their own, it would benefit the students quite greatly.

 Yes, of course, everyone knows there are those students that won’t participate, but the vast majority will agree with a teacher’s terms when it comes to listening to music in class. Another benefit to listening to music in class is it makes school feel like a safe space. Mr. Tribble  says, “Music is a universal language and allows students to feel at home during school.” With all this proof of music benefiting, students the only thing left to lose is that very small chance of distraction.