Plastic Pollution


Caden Lindquist, Junior Staff Writer

Plastic products were first produced and invented in 1907 and are still in use today. The environment is cluttered with plastics such as grocery bags, straws, and wrappers which have found their way onto the sidewalks and Oceans, not in trash cans. This is largely due to the carelessness and wastefulness of consumers of these plastic products. These synthetic plastics are labeled as nonbiodegradable, meaning they do not decompose. Since these products do not decompose, they stay on the ground and damage the environment around us by clogging drainage pipes, or by appearing as food for some animals which in turn can harm or even kill them.

At Turlock High School there is a noticeable amount of plastic waste that has been strewn about the campus as if there are no trash cans available. There are also students who have shared their insight on plastic pollution at Turlock High School. Myreia Enos, a student, said, “I believe that there is a large amount of plastic in the city of Turlock in general. It is a large issue. The City Council needs to be more responsive to this issue.” I then proceeded to ask her why she had a hydro-flask instead of a water bottle, and she stated, “It is because my parents stopped buying plastic water bottles because they did not want to contribute to the plastic pollution.” With the amount of plastic that manages to hit the ground instead of the trash cans, there needs to be more awareness raised on the damaging effects of plastic on the environment at Turlock High School. There should also be more efforts to get rid of the plastic pollution such as clubs like Mr. Tribble’s S.A.V.E. club, which goes around and cleans up garbage and plastic around the school to help save the environment.