Sweating Blue and Gold

September 9, 2019

Cross country is not only a physical sport, but a mental one as well, meaning runners are always having to push themselves mentally, and constantly reassure themselves that they can go far beyond their limits.

 Cross country runners from Turlock High School entered into this season with new strategies and seeking one goal:  bring home championships. Jennifer Perry, a member of the team, says, “We are very determined and are aiming to win championships this year since we didn’t win last year. We have a lot of new fast upcoming athletes this year. I’m very excited to see what this season has in store for us.” Coaches have been using new techniques when it comes to training their team as well. Coach Ebersole and Coach Davison have been adding more mileage and focusing on certain aspects of running instead of just winning. 

So far the team states that the biggest rivals are three Modesto schools: Gregori, Modesto and Downey highschool. Coach Ebersole had said, “Varsity boys are really pushing hard to hopefully overcome our top competitors this year, especially with the new techniques, we’ve been using throughout their conditioning and practices. There is no doubt they’ll pull through”.  Overall, both coaches are very proud of their team and hope this summer’s hard work pays off this season. 

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