The Flag Salute- German Perspective

Franzi Schmid, Junior Staff Writer

Disclaimer: As this is my personal perspective as a German exchange student in the United States, please do not get offended.

The Flag Salute: everybody knows it, everybody does it, nobody questions it.

For Americans, the Pledge of Allegiance is to show respect to the American flag and the country for which it stands, but what would you think if a country like Germany, which had a   non-inclusive government also saluted a flag? You would probably think, “The Nazis are back!”

But the German government is no longer reigned by the Nazis, and the Germans want to show their pride and love for their country as well. We also want to show patriotism, but cannot. 

Having the German flag in front of our houses, hanging in every classroom, or even saluting our flag… we can not do these things even though these actions are more than normal for Americans. 

Nazi Germany ended in 1945, that was 74 years ago, yet there are still a lot of people that think we are Nazis. This also doesn’t allow us to show our flag and be proud of our country except during the Soccer World Cup, and that is a few weeks every four years. Is that not unfair? 

The United States does not have a perfect history either, but they are still allowed to show as much patriotism as they want. 

So please do not associate anything German with the Nazis. It is 2019!