Interesting Sights on Turlock High School Campus

September 10, 2019

When you hear the word “school,” you more than likely think of long, tedious, and boring classes and lectures, but what if I told you that there are some interesting viewpoints that hold the history of Turlock High School. These are some must-see viewpoints.

The Four Horsemen- 

“The Four Horsemen?” One might be asking. On the old high school building, now known as the district office and East/West wings, there are four copper “horsemen”  placards that line the top of the building. Besides the fact there is no history on the horsemen, the only thing we know is that they are made of copper, they are all knights, and that there are only four.  

One may or may not have noticed a bench made completely out of concrete near the District Office’s flagpole, the reason for its material and look is because it was made at the height of the great depression. With Turlock High not having enough money to give its senior class a gift, FFA came together and designed and built the bench. One might be wondering what made this class so great. This is because, being at the height of the Great  Depression, food became scarce especially as the population of California ballooned as refugees from the Dust Bowl flooded into the valley looking for jobs picking fruit. To help Turlock at this time, Turlock High School planted huge tracks of sweet potatoes and other produce. With this farm, THS was able to feed its own until the end of the Great Depression. Fun fact, maintenance still finds stray sweet potato vines around THS. 

Finally, if one has ever stood in front of the District Office they may have noticed a medallion of stone on the building. The medallion has been with THS since the school was founded and was originally made of metal. There are photos of it in from the 1930s until the medallion fell at the start of WWII. Eventually, the medallion was replaced with stone and has been that way ever since. 

Those were some interesting viewpoints and facts about the campus of Turlock High School. There are in fact more around the school. Some are hidden in plain sight, and some are hidden out of sight. All one has to do is look around and explore the great big campus to find them. 


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