Welcoming Freshman

Cynthia Sanchez, Junior Staff Editor

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Turlock High welcomes the freshman class of 2023. We hope their year will be filled with success and fun. The freshman class was welcomed with freshman orientation, which shows them around the school and gives them information about clubs, events and other things that they need to know. We have Link Crew that helps freshmen have a successful year and help with any questions they have. When I was a freshman, I was very nervous and scared about many things; everyone would tell me that high school was very different compared to elementary and junior high and it was very difficult. I realized that I have to stay on my assignments to be able to have good grades, and if I have any questions to ask right away so I won’t get behind. 

While interviewing a freshman, Karina Romero, asking her if high school was what she expected it to be and she responded by saying, “High school was not what I expected it to be, I thought it would be more different but it is a learning experience.” Also, I asked, what is your goal for this year or high school in general, she then replied by saying, “My goal for this year is to have all A’s and do all my homework and turn it in on time.”  This shows how she’s dedicated to getting her work done. This year the freshman class of 2023 has 703 students, we are hoping every single freshman has a great and successful year.