New Generations are Growing up to Quickly

Matthew Rocha, Campus News Editor

Personally being an advocate of freedom, individuality, self-expression, and having a fight the power dynamics, taking a different approach to these viewpoints is where philosophies begin to clash. Being a senior now, and having a new perspective, seeing younger students portraying themselves as “grown” is somewhat frustrating. To restate this, being a senior is great, I didn’t think I would make it this far, but I would give anything to relive my high school years. The frustration comes when lower classmen or even lower grade levels take their youth for granted by acting disrespectful or thinking the “it thing” is what they need to do, and wasting childhood portraying themselves as something that is simply not them. 

There is a difference between having a specific look or aesthetic and trying to dress for the masses. Media has drastic effects on youth, raising standards to both boys and girls on what they have to be; for example; teen girls are being subjected to unrealistic standards like perfect, physical, attributes such as hair makeup or clothing. Then, boys need to be physically attractive and have no emotions. Girls in media and TV heavily edited whether being makeup or digitized, boys are shown as chiseled, brooding and attractive, all of which is a portrayal, acting, in the media.  If someone is comfortable with his or herself, if someone is gangster, if someone is the bomb, they don’t have to keep reiterating it on social media platforms. “A lion does not have to prove it is a lion,” said Iliza Shlesinger. So when younger generations keep saying, “ I’m grown,” “ I don’t need nobody,” “ I’m the baddest,” high chances are they are not any of those things. 

Who is most likely to be respected as an adult or child? Creating the idea in youth to get what they want, because newer generations are slightly privileged. To be respected, I have to disrespect and act more mature than I am. But in reality, it just makes these young people look like punks. So newer generations need to cool it with the “I’m grown” personas and enjoy their childhood because it will go by quicker than they think.