2019-2020 Staff

Ashley Rego

Copy Editor

Ashley Rego is currently a Junior at Turlock High School as well as a current Copy Editor for her Journalism class. She works well with a variety of people and is always determined to finish her work and help others. Ashley Rego...

Madison Creech

Copy Editor

This is Madison Creech, she is seventeen-years-old and goes to Turlock High School. She participates in many types of community service jobs. She's also in Track and Feild. She's Copy Editor and Photo Editor of the THS Clarion....

Benjamin Carroll

Sports Editor

So far, Ben has had an interesting experience at Turlock High School. He was confident he would make the basketball team from the day he got there freshman year because he was a starter on his Middle School team. Tryouts came...

Logan Abshier

Senior Staff Writer

My name is Logan. I am apart of the yearbook, I love taking photographs from intense perspectives, and show life-changing photos. I love to challenge gravity and social issues through the photographs I take.

Annalisa Spratling

Staff Writer

Annalisa Spratling is currently 16 years old and attending Turlock as a Sophomore, her favorite hobby is taking pictures. She also likes playing video games, listening to music and hanging out with her family and friends. she...

Anthony Perez

Junior Staff Writer

Anthony Perez is sixteen years old and is currently a Junior at Turlock High School. Anthony is full of anxiety and to nervous to do anything wrong. He recently found out that some of his anxiety comes from the fear of rejection....

Franzi Schmid

Junior Staff Writer

Franzi Schmid is fifteen years old and a Junior at THS. She is an exchange student from Germany and is going to spend the school year 19/20 at THS. She is interested in politics and loves to debate about many political ideologies....

Cynthia Sanchez

Junior Staff Writer

Cynthia Sanchez has been a student at Turlock High School for 3 years, she is pretty shy at times but once you get to know her she is very outgoing and determined. She loves animals and has the dream to be a vet, she spends her...

Karina Romero

Junior Staff Writer

Karina Romero is fourteen years old and is currently a freshman at Turlock High School. She works well with others and is always open to helping others. She has been playing soccer since the second grade and loves it. She enjoys...

Alex Norman

Junior Staff Writer

Alex is a freshman. He is in Frosh football, hoping to do it throughout his high school career. He plays offensive tackle and loves his position. On top of being a great football player, he is apart of the THS Clarion and Yearbook.

Robert Miranda

Junior Staff Writer

Robert Miranda is a calm and collected sixteen-year-old and a current Junior at Turlock High School After high school Robert plans to apply to a JC and go into Law Enforcement. On his past-time, Robert enjoys making Friends, recording...

Maria Miranda

Junior Staff Writer

Maria is a junior and has been a student at Turlock High School for three years. She participated in NJROTC for two years and now is in photojournalism. She is 16 years old, born on December 27, 2002. She likes to takes photographs...

Jocelyn Lugo

Junior Staff Writer

Jocelyn Lugo is a seventeen-year-old and is a current Senior at Turlock High school. She is an excellent student and is very responsible. Outside of school on her free time, she loves to run on the track and canal, including writing...

Caden Lindquist

Junior Staff Writer

Caden Lindquist is seventeen years old and is in his senior year at Turlock High School. Throughout his academic career at Turlock, he has maintained a steady GPA at 3.5 and above. He has played football every year of his high...

Hayley Harden

Junior Staff Writer

Hayley Harden is a 14-year-old freshman at Turlock High school. She's lived in Turlock almost all her life. Her grade point average is from a 3.5 to a 4.0. She loves to write and learn the history of everyday things. She dreams...

Valeria Gutierrez

Junior Staff Writer

Valeria Gutierrez is a senior at Turlock High school. She is involved in a school club called Interact club. She is working hard to go to Arizona State University to become a Sports Journalist. She tries to help others when they...

Kayode Giwa

Junior Staff Writer

Kayode is a smart and creative student who is currently a junior at Turlock High School and this will be his first year of writing for the clarion. When he’s not writing for the clarion, he’s practicing for football or preparing...

Myreia Enos

Junior Staff Writer

Myreia Enos is a fifteen-year-old junior who is fluent in both English and Spanish. She loves to learn new things and to meet new people. She tries her hardest in all the things that she does and strives for perfection. She is...

Alejandro Chaves

Junior Staff Writer

Alejandro Chaves is a junior at Turlock High School. He has a passion for photography and wishes to get better. When he graduates he plans to go to a trade school to become a robotics engineer.

Mario Carrillo

Junior Staff Writer

Mario is a freshman at Turlock High School, he is currently 14 years old and was born in Turlock CA. Mario has two siblings that Ms. Barr knows of very well named Luis and Diana Carrillo. When he isn't at school working his hardest,...

Nayerli Carbajal

Junior Staff Writer

Nayerli Carbajal is currently a junior at Turlock High School and is sixteen-years-old. She is highly interested in trying new things and aspires to get out into the world and do life-changing and altering activities. She hopes...

Jennifer Perry

Editor in Chief

is a seventeen-year-old Senior at Turlock High School. She is a fourth-year Journalism student and now holds the title of Editor in Chief. When she is not in class or doing hours of homework, you can find her at work, in her room...

Matthew Rocha

Campus News Editor

Matthew Rocha is an 18 year old senior at Turlock High School. Yearbook and journalism photographer, writer, and senior staff member, who is planning to achieve his associate's degree in children Psych and education from Modesto...

Macie Coelho-Johnson

General Manager

Macie Coelho-Johnson, a studious and determined senior at Turlock High School, has been maintaining a 3.5 and higher GPA throughout her high school career so far. When she isn't in school working towards her good grades she is...

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