Annalisa Spratling
Annalisa Spratling is currently 16 years old and attending Turlock as a Sophomore, her favorite hobby is taking pictures. She also likes playing video games, listening to music and hanging out with her family and friends. she has been diagnosed with epilepsy which is a seizure disorder since she was 6 years old.
She has two older brothers and a miniature schnauzer named Geronimo. She has a lot of goals and dreams. The main goal she wants to accomplish this year is to become more social with her peers. She wants to learn about other people's ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Her main dream is to be able to train dogs in service, therapy, or search and rescue work. Her other goals include: not having any more seizures, driving, graduating from high school, entering a four-year college to obtain a degree in speech therapy. Her other dreams include: helping people, raising animals, and own a farm where She can keep rescued animals. Expect that the next 3 years of high school will put her on a path to be able to obtain her goals and dreams. She believes that by building relationships with my peers she can become more experienced with the world around her. With these experiences, she can help people and if she can make a difference in one person’s life than all the work she has done to make this person's life easier is worth it.

Annalisa Spratling, Staff Writer

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Annalisa Spratling