2020-2021 Staff

Addison Edeal

Copy Editor

Addison Edeal is a fourteen-year-old at Turlock High School and is currently a freshman. When you first meet her she might seem a little shy but once you get to know her she isn't. She works well with others and is always willing...

Myreia Enos

Copy Editor

Myreia Enos is a sixteen-year-old senior who is fluent in both English and Spanish. She loves to learn new things and to meet new people. She is someone who is interested in the well-being of others and is always willing to help...

Alex Edwards

Sports Editor

Alex is a freshman. He is in football, hoping to do it throughout his high school career. On top of being a great football player, he is Sports Editor of the THS Clarion and Yearbook.

Mario Carrillo

Staff Writer

Mario is a Sophomore at Turlock High School, he is currently 15 years old and was born in Turlock CA. Mario has two siblings that Ms. Barr knows of very well named Luis and Diana Carrillo. When he isn't at school working his hardest,...

Nayerli Carbajal

Staff Writer

Nayerli Carbajal is a Senior this year attending Turlock High, she enjoys painting and photography as of recently that has taken up most of her time. She aspires to be able to help her community's environment and hopefully study...

Annalisa Spratling

Staff Writer

Annalisa Spratling is currently 17 years old and attending Turlock as a Junior, her favorite hobby is taking pictures. She also likes playing video games, listening to music, and hanging out with her family and friends. she was...

Eamon Trejo

Junior Staff Writer

Eamon Trejo is 18 years old and he is currently a senior. He is a funny, yet hard-working student that is compassionate and friendly to everyone. He felt very anxious the first time he went to Turlock High School, but over time...

Daniel Schaefer

Junior Staff Writer

Daniel Schaefer is a 16-year-old Senior at Turlock High School. Daniel wants to become a CHP officer and Daniel's hobbies include playing video-games and recording his gameplay. Daniel is Kind and is very easy to work with. Daniel...

Rylee Riddick Neal

Junior Staff Writer

Rylee Riddick Neal is a freshman. She loves swimming and is part of the Sea Dogs swim team and hopes to do it for high school, as well as start water polo. She is in a family of 8, with 5 siblings, 3 sisters & 2 brothers,...

Isabelle Perry

Junior Staff Writer

Isabelle Perry is currently a sophomore and this is her first year on the Clarion staff. She plays travel and beach volleyball and is part of Key Club, Interact Club and Relay for Life at Turlock High. She enjoys all forms of...

Colin Jones

Junior Staff Writer

Colin Jones is 15 years old and was born and raised in Turlock. He loves his family and cat. He also enjoys both video games and swimming.

Jovani Jimenez

Junior Staff Writer

Jovani Jimenez is a Junior at Turlock High school. He is an outgoing and creative individual; born and raised here in Turlock, California.

Carlos Galindo

Junior Staff Writer

Carlos Galindo is a sophomore. Carlos is fifteen years old and this is his second year in Turlock. Carlos enjoys basketball a lot and also basketball things related. He also enjoys video games because it takes his mind off thing...

Jacob Flora

Junior Staff Writer

Jacob Flora is sixteen years old and is a junior at Turlock High School. He was born in Modesto CA. This is Jacobs's first year in photojournalism. Jacob has played soccer for THS for 2 years. When Jacob is not at school he likes...

Sophia Estrada

Junior Staff Writer

Sophia Estrada is a sixteen-year-old junior who loves to have fun and learn new things. She loves watching movies, reading books, and baking some sweet treats. She is also fluent in English and Spanish. She has been in Video Arts...

Eydi Duque-Sandoval

Junior Staff Writer

Eydi Duque-Sandoval is a sixteen-year-old junior at THS. She's very creative and loves photography. After high school, she wants to attend CSU for 2 years, then study abroad in Korea. When she grows up she wants to become a food...

James Creech

Junior Staff Writer

This is James Creech, he has a sister named Madison who graduated last year from Turlock High School. He is 13 years old and his birthday is in October. He currently goes to Turlock High and is a Freshmen this year. He is going...

Naomi Carroll

Junior Staff Writer

Naomi Carroll is a sophomore. She runs in cross country and runs and throws in Track. This is her first year in cross country, but her fourth year running and throwing for Track. She also enjoys art and theatre. This is her first...

Anamarie Calvillo

Junior Staff Writer

Anamarie Calvillo is a sixteen-year-old Junior at Turlock High School. She is part of FFA. Out of school, she is part of an organization called The Creative. Anamarie is kinda shy when it comes to meeting new people but once she...

Sophia Calderon

Junior Staff Writer

Sophia Calderon is currently a Senior at Turlock High School and is sixteen-years-old. She aspires to get out into the real world with the skills needed and hopes to live an honest and good life. She enjoys learning new things...

Nathan Bell

Junior Staff Writer

Nathan is in his junior year at Turlock High School and is known as being tired among his friends during school hours. He is calm and respectful to people who are strangers, but is very outgoing to those who he is even slightly...

Ulysses Barrera

Junior Staff Writer

Ulysses Barrera is a seventeen year old senior and is currently in his second year at Turlock High School. He is a smart worker who works well with all types of different people regardless of who they may be. This year he i...

Miguel Cisneros

Junior Staff Writer

Miguel Cisneros is a senior at Turlock High School. He has a passion for photography/videography and getting the perfect shot. When he graduates he plans to box professionally and win a world championship belt and go to an arts...

Anthony Perez

Junior Staff Writer

Anthony Perez is seventeen years old and is a senior at Turlock High School. Anthony is a hardworking student who plans on attending a four year college where he will major in psychology in hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. He...

Robert Miranda

General Manager

Robert Miranda is a calm and collected seventeen-year-old and a current Senior at Turlock High School After high school Robert plans to start his own photo and video company. He is currently the general manager for The Cla...

Alejandro Chaves

Photo Editor

Alejandro Chaves is a senior at Turlock High School. He has a passion for photography and wishes to learn video next. When he graduates he plans to go to a trade school to become a robotics engineer.

Ashley Rego

Editor in Chief

Ashley Rego is currently a senior at Turlock High School as well as the current Editor in Chief for her Journalism/Photojournalism class. She works well with a variety of individuals and is always determined to finish her work...

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