FFA Plasma Table

Logan Avila, Junior Staff Writer

The FFA Metal Shop has just gotten a brand new plasma table. Mr. Soares will be there to teach the welding classes on how to use it and the system it runs on. The plasma table is a useful addition to the metal shop, as it can cut up to 3” thick metal very precisely. The machine is accurate to .001”.

The new plasma table was a needed upgrade from the old plasma table which had become rundown and out of date. The plasma table can be used to create intricate designs, pieces to build projects, and to cut metal down to size. 

The plasma table is an Arclight Dynamics 5×10. It is a high powered machine and requires training to be able to operate it. Mr. Soares went to Oregon to meet with the manufacturers in order to learn how to use the machine. If you do use it make sure to take care of it as it can cost upwards of $18,000!

The school is very lucky to be able to afford this. I am sure all the metal shop kids are very grateful to have such a versatile machine at their disposal. Expect great things to be made with this machine as those who are capable of using it will be able to create almost anything they can imagine, with just the press of some buttons. There are many programs available to create your designs for the machine to cut.