Five Easy Steps to Make a Good Video

Robert Miranda, General Manager

Five Easy Steps to Make a Good Video

In today’s media, videos are prominent and can be viewed on popular social media platforms with Instagram and TikTok being the biggest players of this. The following are some neat and easy tips and tricks that will make a video look, sound, and feel more professional overall. 

Step 1: Know your audience

One of the first and most important steps to creating videos is knowing the audience to who you wish to appeal to. Be it gamers, beauty enthusiasts, history buffs, car enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts, moviegoers, there is truly no limit to what audience you may wish to attract.

Step 2: Planning

The next step is to set up a rough sketch of the shots and scenes that you may have in mind. This can be done by storyboarding, which can make it easier to envision and get a grip on what one will want in their video. But also, never be afraid to experiment. As Miguel Cisneros, a Video Productions student at Turlock High School, states, “Never be afraid to experiment or try something new.” This, by far, is one of two of the most important steps to make a professional video that is of good quality. 

Step 3: Add elements

What I mean by this is to find music and sounds that you think will best fit the video that has been planned out. When doing this, it is important that the music and sounds fit the overall mood of the video. You wouldn’t want happy or positive sounding music for horror or scary videos. 

Step 4: Record

Once you have figured out your audience, planned out your shots, and have gathered your sounds/music, the recording is the next step. In this step record the shots/scenes you previously planned. It is okay to mess up here, just reshoot until you get the shot you have envisioned. 

Step 5: Editing or Post-Production

This is where you will piece together all the planning, shots, music, and sounds to make your video. Editing or post-production is the most crucial step in the video-making process, but it is also the most time-consuming. With the editing process, it really hit or miss with editing. I suggest following some editing tutorials if you are new to the whole post-production section for making videos as they can prove to be extremely helpful. I also suggest using programs such as Premiere Pro or Filmora as they are both new user’s friendly. 

If you are wanting to get into video making or just trying to better one’s skills at making videos, I hope you found this article helpful if you would like some information on this free to check the following sources down below.