Start Your Careers Now HOSA Medical Classes 

Mariana Ortega, Features Editor

If you are considering becoming a part of the medical field, then you’re in luck because HOSA is offering classes to all students at Turlock High School! Whether you want to become a Dentist, Veterinarian, Doctor, or Nurse, HOSA offers many medical classes that will help you in figuring out which pathway to take. 

If you currently are or plan on being a part of HOSA, then you might be interested in the CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) program for seniors, which allows you to become a nurse at the age of seventeen if you pass your CNA test. If being a CNA isn’t a good fit for you, but you still want more experience in the medical field, then this is a great opportunity for you to learn those skills. As a CNA, you are given the opportunity to learn all different types of important medical procedures as well as how to communicate with patients. If you are currently enrolled in any of the medical classes at Turlock High School, it will be announced to your class when the CNA program will be available to those seniors interested. 

In order to start your medical career now, there are a few recommended classes that can really help you in the future. First, you would want to take Intro to healthcare; an introduction to the medical field and the different types of careers you might be interested in. This class teaches you basic life-saving skills and how to talk to medical patients. If you enjoyed Intro to healthcare, then you might continue on to Medical Chemistry, which is a regular chemistry class, but with some medical labs. You can then consider taking Anatomy and Physiology which teaches you about all the bones, muscles, and body parts of the human body. Sports Medicine is a more advanced class that will teach you hands-on skills like taping ankles, knees, and wrapping shoulders. You will learn how to prevent and treat injuries and also be given the opportunity to shadow Turlock High School’s  Athletic Trainer, Mike Collins at one of the events for the higher-risk sports. The last class you would want to take in order to start off your medical career would be Sports Medicine 2. In this class, you will be a tutor to students taking Sports Medicine 1 and help them out with anything they might need. 

All of these medical classes and programs at Turlock High will help you a lot in the future when you decide on your career path. If you decide to take some or even all of these classes in high school, you can start your medical journey now, rather than having to wait for college.