Rains in the Valley Mean School Closures

Staff, Staff Writer

After years of drought conditions seeing lawns and orchards with “Pray for Rain” signs had become common in the Central Valley. The Central Valley’s dependence on water in order for agriculture to thrive has made the dry winters, that had become commonplace in California, a liability. Now, the skies have opened up and the rains just keep coming.

Record rains in California means a record snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas. While our winter sports enthusiasts are excited to have the largest snowpack in 70 years, this means that travel has become treacherous. In fact, as of the publishing of this article, Yosemite has been closed due to the treacherous road conditions. There is snow on the Altamont Pass between the valley and Bay Area, something not seen in 70 years, and massive flooding in the area has forced many to leave their homes they are in the declared evacuation areas.

In the face of fierce storms, TUSD has decided to continue to have regular school instruction.